Welcome to the General Discussions Channel!

Peer-to-Peer Support Channel Monitored Regularly by the Pantheon Community Team. This channel is for general discussion around WordPress, Drupal or other open source topics.

Welcome to the General Discussions Channel!

Here at Pantheon, we believe the best support is the ticket you never need to open. This peer-to-peer support channel is monitored regularly by the Pantheon Community Team. While we will do our best to answer all of your questions, this is not an official support channel. If you need immediate assistance on a Pantheon Platform issue or want to report an issue, please open a ticket or a chat via the Pantheon Dashboard. For status updates on known issues and reported outages, check out this Pantheon Status page.

To help you get back on track, we have provided a handful of self-service support resources below.

:mag: Explore Documentation

:school_satchel: Take a Self Paced Course in the Pantheon Learning Hub

:calendar: Chat with a Pantheon Expert during Office Hours

:bearded_person:t5: Ask the Community for Help by Replying to this Thread

:wave:t5: Connect with other Customers in Slack